Yeast Market Size for Animal Feed Application is established to exceed USD 2 Billion by 2026

Date of publication : 8/28/2020
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Prevalence of numerous livestock diseases and increasing emphasis on animal health is expected to augment yeast market share for the animal feed application. The demand for high-quality meat has propelled significantly across the globe in recent years. In a bid to follow a high-protein diet, consumers are steadily shifting towards animal-based products.

Use of yeast in animal feed could help meet this growing demand. The product can stimulate growth of infant and young aged livestock. It aids in providing protection against diseases and helps boost their immunity. It also helps in maintaining gut health of cattle.

Increasing demand for meat products and rapid technological innovations in the meat processing sector may accelerate product traction. A research conducted by Global Market Insights, Inc., further estimates that the yeast market for animal feed application may exceed US$2 billion by 2026.

The product is likely to record commendable demand from the swine farming application. Studies suggest that the market is expected to record over US$540 million from the swine segment over 2026.

For the uninitiated, yeast is incorporated in swine feed to improve their gut health, enhance weight gain and support piglet growth.

Yeast additives also have the ability to prevent pathogen attachment, resulting in improvement in the immune response of pigs and strengthening mucosal integrity in their intestine. Given to the product’s significance, it is likely that the yeast market for animal feed application may flourish in the swine segment.

According to product, yeast beta glucan market for animal feed application was valued at over US$130 million in 2019. Generally, beta-glucans are naturally occurring polysaccharides that are known for their essential health benefits.

The product is used in animal feed to boost milk production, reduce mastitis, support the development of gastrointestinal in calves, enhance immune system of adult ruminants, and improve animal performance. However, with the coronavirus spreading worldwide, feed manufacturing facilities are currently facing lockdown, impacting overall business growth.

Although estimates suggest that the Europe yeast market for animal feed application could likely grow over 6% by late 2026. The EU has reportedly banned the use of antibiotics as growth promoters in animal feed, which later encouraged the adoption of yeast in the region.

Increases focus of avoiding potential livestock disease outbreaks among the large scale animal population would drive the demand for such animal feed. Moreover, demand for high-quality meat and animal-based products in the region could thrive market share over 2026.

Notably, on a global scale, Lessafre Group, Archer Daniel Midland Co., Angel Yeast, Trouw Nutrition, Lallemand, Enzym Company, Alltech Inc., Novus International, and Kemin Industries, Inc. are some of the key suppliers and manufacturers in the global yeast market for animal feed application.

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