France liquid feed market share to grow with upturn in consumption of molasses-based products by 2027

Date of publication : 4/11/2022
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“As per a report by Global Market Insights Inc, the global liquid feed market share is estimated to be more than $107.5 billion by 2027.”

The global liquid feed market trends suggest a fast-paced recovery from the losses incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as manufacturers have been signing mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions worldwide. Over the next few years, the consumption of supplements such as trace minerals, vitamins, fats, phosphoric acid, and urea in animal feed products is poised to see an uptick, thanks to the rising support from government incentives and programs.

By 2027, the liquid feed market size is expected to register a revenue worth more than $107.5 billion, thanks to the growing meat and dairy product consumption across Asia Pacific and Europe. Regional manufacturers of animal feed are formulating effective feed products for calves, cows, goats, and fish.

They are focusing on higher productivity, reduction of disease prevalence, and better health to promote their brand in a competitive landscape.

Past statistics reveal that Japan market holds considerable potential for growth

As per the annual report on Food, Agriculture, and Rural Areas in Japan for FY2020, consumer spending on frozen cooked foods, as well as other perishables, including fresh meat, has increased substantially since March 2020. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more Japanese individuals have been eating at home. The work-from-home trend has enabled opportunities for cooking as well, facilitating higher consumption of pork, chicken, and milk products.

Here are some statistics published by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) in March 2021 that indicate a substantial growth in future consumption of liquid feed products across the nation:

1. In FY2019, pork production rose by nearly 0.6% from previous year, reaching 1.29 million tons

2. Hen eggs increased by nearly 0.4%, recording a production of over 2.64 million tons

3. Poultry meat production was estimated at 1.63 million tons, marking a rise of nearly 2.1% in terms of volume

Robust domestic demand for poultry across Brazil to spur further investments

A 2022 report published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that the Brazilian poultry industry is slated to attain a key portion of Latin America liquid feed market share. While the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) continues to plague regional poultry farms, the forecast for the next decade appears to be positively charged with growth opportunities, especially in Brazil. The USDA report estimates that the global chicken meat production will cross 100.9 million by the end of 2022.

Although only a marginal rise in chicken production in Brazil can be observed until 2021, 2022 will ensure that the stabilization of foreign as well as domestic demand continues to the strengthen the industry outlook. The nation emerged as a top exporter of chicken meat and is expected to register an export volume of nearly 4.3 million tons by 2022, despite the declining demand from Chinese provinces.

As such, Brazil liquid feed market share from the poultry segment will expand at a high CAGR through 2027.

French dairy industry to favor use of molasses-based products for cows, ewes, and goats

According to the statistics published by, the total milk production across the EU countries is estimated to be about 155 million tons per year. Ireland, Poland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands are among the top milk producers, together accounting for nearly 70% of the total milk production in the region. Considering the increased milk output and thereby, higher revenue possibilities, numerous regional farmers have been switching to liquid molasses-based cow feeds.

Since these products ensure optimal rumen health and improved metabolic status of milk-producing animals, molasses-based liquid cow feed market share is expected to register a spike in volume. Some research studies have shown that molasses supplementation can have a positive effect on the metabolic status of goats and ewes. The susceptibility of cows to developing metabolic conditions such as metritis, ketosis, and mastitis can be lowered when these ingredients are added to their diets.

France liquid feed industry size is growing at a steady rate, owing to the pivotal role of the regional dairy industry in generating over 250,000 jobs and being a key contributor toward the national GDP. Being a leading cheese producing EU member state, France accounted for over 1.9 million tons of the total cheese production, as of February 2020. Since this figure represents nearly 18% of the EU total, the region promises a considerably optimistic forecast for the upcoming years.

Due to the COVID-19 and its variants, soaring prices of milk and milk products, volatile productivity, and shutting down of several companies has been a major deterrent for the industry. However, with higher cross-border milk flows, the industry is expected to recover at a brisk pace from this year onward.

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