DairyBench measures the effect of new initiatives in your cattle herd

Date of publication : 11/6/2014
Source : Vilofoss

Vilofoss is behind the DairyBench software which is an application that can help evaluate the effect of new initiatives in your herd. 

It is often difficult to assess the effect of new initiatives on the farm as the production is also affected by a number of other external factors such as temperature changes and feed quality throughout the year and across seasons with the cows in lactation, etc.  Overall, many production parameters fluctuate greatly for natural reasons. This is why assessing the effect of changes for one herd rarely adds much value without performing a comparison across several herds.

In partnership with IRTA, the Spanish research institution, Vilofoss has developed the DairyBench application which describes the production response to a controlled and defined change in the rations fed to dairy cattle herds. In our case, the feed change will often involve a change to the mineral/vitamin composition.

The effect of a change in feed rations will be calculated on the basis of an average of all herds and can be compared with the response in the individual herd. DairyBench includes milk yield, disease and reproduction data in the assessment. The application thus enables the milk producer to compare the effect of new initiatives against a number of other herds.

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