Dr. Jim Quigley talks about calf nutrition and colostrum optimal quality

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Miltos Hadjipanayiotou Miltos Hadjipanayiotou
Animal Nutritionist
December 20, 2016
Dear Dr Quigley,
In your video presentation, is not clear when to introduce roughages; Pre- or post-weaning? What type of roughage do you recommend? (excellent quality, medium quality, poor quality or a combination?).
A starter of 19-20% crude protein (as is) composed of corn grain, barley grain, small amounts of wheat bran, soybean meal and a mineral vitamin mixture is it consider satisfactory?
I guess that you are in favor of feeding such an allowance to attain LWT at mating at around 350 to 380 kg LWT (around 55% of mature bodyweight, at the age of 13-14 months).
Are you in favor of accelerated growth/feeding during the liquid feeding in the early life for obtaining higher milk production? Would you please give me the quantities of Provimi Calf Milk replacer you recommend in weeks 2, 3, 4 & 5 of age? Prior to weaning (6, 7 or 8th week of age) do you practice gradual reduction of liquid feed offered, possibly once daily for achieving greater consumption of starter. What the consumption of starter prior to weaning should be in order to have normal growth after weaning.
Thanks in advance for your response
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