UK - Speed Is Vital In Bru' Test Scheme

Date of publication : 12/1/2004
Source : Farming Life
With pre-movement brucellosis testing for bovine breeding animals over 12 months of age becoming compulsory from today, the Ulster Farmers' Union says it will be telling Government that test results must be with farmers as soon as possible. Farmers will have 30 days from the date a test is taken, to move their animals, but the Union says the 30 days concept will be undermined if there are significant delays before producers receive their results. The Union says this will unnecessarily add to the imposition caused by the testing procedures. UFU President Campbell Tweed explained: "A farmer is unable to move an animal while he waits on the test results. Meanwhile, the 30-day countdown will have commenced. "Reports that it could take up to two weeks to have results back are very alarming. This would cause a practical problem for farmers. The system in the Republic of Ireland seems to work much more effectively than this and it is our target to have the system run as smoothly and quickly as possible. "Test results should be available to producers within the shortest period possible." The UFU says it will be addressing the issue with DARD officials.
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