Parasites in Dairy Cattle News

News published on May 22, 2009:

'Spring Cleaning': De-Worming

I think most Virginia Dairy producers are welcoming the signs of spring-warmer days, thawed water troughs and green grass-but the first tender sprigs of grass that our animals are picking at may harbor parasite...
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Virginia Cooperative Extension Dairy Pipeline
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News published on March 3, 2008:

Controlling Lice In Dairy Cattle

Lice are the most important winter parasites of cattle. The two clinical signs of lice are hair loss and scratching. Lice have been considered by many to be more of a nuisance parasite than an important health ...
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Dairy Pipeline/Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension
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News published on October 18, 2007:

Worm Power: The Future of Composting

If the average cow produces 100 pounds of manure a day, how does a dairy farmer manage all the excess waste? Tom Herlihy, an agricultural engineer, created a unique and environmentally friendly technology to de...
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News published on October 13, 2004:

Australia - New tool in animal disease fight

CSIRO researchers are investigating whether an ancient arm of the immune system can be used to control livestock animal diseases. CSIRO Livestock Industries' scientist Dr Tim Doran says a biological phenomen...
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CSIRO Australia
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