Pakistan: Free Vaccination & Treatment Camp for farm animals

Date of publication : 8/27/2009
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Pakistan organized a "Free Animal Treatment Vaccination Camp" at UVAS Out Reach Station, Sittar Wala Lahore on Tuesday 18th of August 2009. The objective of the camp was to highlight the "Importance of vaccination program against Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HS)" in farm animals.
Hemorrhagic Septicemia, a bacterial infectious disease caused by Pasturella multocida is one of the threatening diseases of animals which badly affects the health of animals and reduces its production.The disease have high mortality rates, hence is responsible for huge economic loss to the farmers. Almost 34.4% deaths in animals have been reported due to HS in Pakistan. By decreasing production, HS leads to economical losses of 1.89 Billion Rupees annually, according to estimation. The disease is preventable if proper vaccination schedule is adopted. Animals must be vaccinated against HS thrice in a year. Due to deficiency of proper guidance and resources, farmers don't observe proper vaccination schedule that causes loss to animal health and farmer's income. This camp was organized to help the farmers and their animals in this situation.
Prof. Dr. MUHAMMAD Arif Khan (Chairman, Department of Clinical Medicine & Surgery, UVAS) inaugurated the camp. 27 Veterinary students (Members of Vets Care Club) from the University Of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore under the supervision of Assistant Prof. Dr. Hassan Saleem (In charge Out Reach Station) and Dr. Zia-ur-Rehman (Advisor, Vets Care Club; Lecturer CMS) participated in the camp. According to official records 316 animals were vaccinated for HS, 72 sheep and goats were de-wormed and treated, 16 Pregnancy tests were performed and a number of sick animals (including cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, horses & donkeys) were treated, most of which required expensive treatment that VCO provide free of cost. Each case was explained to the students. The camp provided a golden chance to the participants for acquiring practical skills. It saved the animals who were to suffer from HS, and those who were suffering from various serious diseases.
VCO is thankful to Hira Laboratories and Symans Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd Lahore for providing vaccine and medicines for this camp. VCO is also thankful to the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore for providing transport facility with out which the camp was never possible. We are also thankful to the staff of UVAS Out Reach Station for their efforts in making the camp, a successful event. Last but not the least; VCO extends its heartiest gratitude are thankful to all the participants for sparing their valuable time voluntarily for this noble cause, especially Assistant Prof. Dr. Hassan Saleem and Dr. Zia-ur-Rehman for supervising the camp. VCO commits to continue its efforts in making Pakistan, a friendly and cruelty free country for animals where humans respect all living creatures.

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