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METHIOPEDIA in Chinese was successfully launched at Sichuan Agricultural University (China).

Date of publication : 11/7/2019
Company : Adisseo
Source : Adisseo

Blockbuster: Super METHIOPEDIA (the technical reference book of Methionine) in Chinese is coming!

Sept. 24, 2019, Chengdu, China -- Adisseo METHIOPEDIA conference was successfully held in Sichuan Agricultural University.

In 2013, Adisseo published the first edition of METHIOPEDIA, the technical reference book of Methionine. Five years after the release of the first edition, the second edition not only provides a complete introduction to the effective forms of methionine, describing the characteristics of each source, but also incorporates new experimental results and analysis of nutritional and technical aspects. This is the first time the book has been published in Chinese language.

Professor Wu De, vice president of Sichuan Agricultural University, emphasized out that the METHIOPEDIA is an indispensable reference book for animal nutrition workers, which systematically elaborates the important role of methionine in animal nutrition and the research results.

Professor Wu also introduced that the institute of animal nutrition of Sichuan Agricultural University and Adisseo have a three-year cooperation project. The "nutrition and health research center" built with this collaboration has achieved excellent results in animal nutrition and health, emissions reduction and alternative feeding with antibiotics, and other fields. He hopes that cooperation can lead to more continuous innovation, to build the model of "industry-university-institute" cooperation and promote the development of internationalization of animal nutrition disciplines.

Professor Wu De, Vice President of Sichuan Agricultural University

Professor Yu Bing, director of animal nutrition institute of Sichuan Agricultural University, who presided over the press conference

Professor Fang Zhengfeng in Sichuan Agricultural University spoke in detail about the progress of the research cooperation project between Adisseo and Sichuan Agricultural University. In 2017, Adisseo invested 7.5 million yuan for 3 years, with Sichuan Agricultural University to build "nutrition and health research center". In 2018-2019, "nutrition and health research center" has conducted in-depth research into the organic selenium, methionine, low protein diet, intestinal health, diet nutrition during lactation, etc. He added that, with the development of the research, there will be even more valuable content to share with academia and industry colleagues concerning hot topics.

Professor Fang Zhengfeng, Sichuan Agricultural University

Dr. Ma Teng, Adisseo China key account manager, spoke about the methionine market and the wide use of liquid methionine in some areas like North America or Brazil. At present, Adisseo has a plant in Nanjing producing liquid methionine and is building a new production line with an annual production capacity of 180,000 tons of liquid methionine.

Dr. Ma Teng, Adisseo China key account manager

Dr. Yang Yuxiang, Adisseo China Rhodimet technical manager, gave a detailed account of  content of METHIOPEDIA, including the types of different methionine products on the market, the animal’s absorption, transport mechanism of methionine, different methionine sources utilization in protein synthesis and the relative efficacy, the role of methionine beyond source of protein synthesis and adding process technology.

Dr. Yang Yuxiang pointed out that from the production process point of view, methionine technical threshold is very high. Adisseo group is not only a manufacturing enterprise, but also a provider of animal nutrition solutions, so the company attaches great importance to research.


Dr. Yang Yuxiang, Adisseo China Rhodimet technical manager

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