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News published on October 6, 2008:

Cow Comfort Through the Transition Period

Managing transition cows is a significant problem on dairy farms. The issues include nutritional considerations, stocking rates, metabolic disorders, heat stress, and access to feed and water. Often management ...
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Kansas State University Cooperative Extension
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News published on September 4, 2008:

Using Vaginal Temperature to Evaluate Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle

A rise in body temperature is a signal that heat stress has exceeded the heat-exchange capacity of the dairy cow. Previous studies have shown a strong positive correlation between vaginal temperature and respir...
Source :
KSU Dairy Research Report of Progress 963
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News published on August 4, 2008:

Evaporative Systems for Cooling Dairy Cows

Dairy cows experience heat stress in hot and humid weather because they have trouble getting rid of heat generated by digestion and metabolic processes. Cows experiencing heat stress have reduced milk productio...
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University of Minnesota Dairy Extension
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News published on July 2, 2008:

Dry Cows Need Heat Stress Relief Too

This is the time of year to get serious about heat abatement strategies for your herd. Though we enjoy the warmer weather, most lactating cows perform best at temperatures from 40 - 65°F. Signs of heat stress s...
Source :
Virginia Cooperative Extension - Dairy Pipeline
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News published on June 3, 2008:

Dairy Cattle & Stress: Don't Overlook The Dry Cows This Summer

Summer is fast approaching, bringing with it the promise of hot days. Benefits of cooling lactating cows are hard to deny with the plethora of data documenting increases in milk production and reproductive effi...
Source :
Dairy Pipeline - Virginia Cooperative Extension
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News published on March 18, 2008:

Heat Stress Model Keeps Cows Cool

A new computer model available on the Internet can help ranchers predict the heat stress threat level to their cattle. It's hard to relax if your cattle are stressed, so the ability to predict and avoid potenti...
Source :
USDA Agricultural Research Service
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News published on March 14, 2008:

Mix and Match: Grouping Cows According to Aggressiveness can Reduce Herd Stress

Herds of dairy cows include dominant and submissive individuals. Most of you can identify your herd's boss cow, and though serious brawls are not that common, mild aggressive interaction such as head butting an...
Source :
OMAFRA / Government of Ontario
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News published on February 12, 2008:

Five simple tips to reduce the negative impacts of hot weather on dairy cattle

Each year it’s not unusual to see production drop 10 -15 lb. per cow. Waiting until hot weather subsides is not an effective management strategy as milk production lost is never regained once things get cooler....
Source :
Virginia Cooperative Extension / Dairy Pipeline
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News published on November 15, 2007:

There is no ‘best’ design for dairy calf housing

There are many different housing ideas, concepts, and designs being used to raise dairy calves. What is the best housing design for raising dairy calves? The answer is there is no “best”  design. Calves ca...
Source :
University of Minnesota Extension
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News published on September 11, 2007:

Heat stress influences low conception of dairy herds

Summer heat stress is a main factor related to low conception rates in high producing dairy herds in warm areas worldwide. A research group of UAB Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has studied the impact of severa...
Source :
Barcelona Univ. Dept. of Animal Health & Anatomy
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