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Balchem Corporation Reports Third Quarter 2021 Financial Results

Date of publication : 10/29/2021
Company : Balchem Animal Nutrition
Source : Balchem Animal Nutrition

In the third quarter, the updated NRC publication Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle was previewed and is expected to be officially published in December. The NRC committee of the Academy of Sciences reviewed all of the available research over the past 20 years and validated the beliefs that an effective source of rumen-protected Choline fed to dairy cows, before and after calving, will increase milk production and efficiency in the subsequent lactation cycle, while also reducing the incidence of several metabolic health disorders. This new NRC release clearly validates the importance of an efficacious encapsulated product such as Balchem’s ReaShure®. View Report

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Combining advanced core technology and industry-leading encapsulation, ReaS...