3 Emerging Trends Accelerating Egg Protein Powder Market Growth

Date of publication : 5/19/2022
Source : https://www.gminsights.com/industry-analysis/egg-protein-powder-market

Greater attention on consumer health and well-being along with the intensifying focus on balanced diets has made way for several prominent protein sources. The increasing number of dairy allergic risks and sensitive stomach issues have stirred the need for various whey protein alternatives. Though eggs are touted as significant contributors of protein, they cause the accumulation of higher levels of fat in the body.

These advancements are largely supplementing the demand for egg protein powders, as they not only help in shredding fat, and building lean muscle mass, but also ensure the absorption of more nutrients and vitamins. They are considered vital for muscle health as they are packed with amino acids. Besides rendering the essential amino acids, these protein powders are used as meal replacements to promote muscle repair, especially after an exercise.

Penned below are some promising drivers that may accelerate the egg protein powder market development in the near future

#1 Surging preference for egg white protein powders

Egg whites are deemed as the best part of eggs considering their tremendous impact on nutritional growth. Owing to this, egg protein powders are gaining significant consumer interest as they are not only rich in protein but are completely devoid of fat. It is an isolated protein derived from eggs and turned into a powder. It is the second-highest source of leucine after whey powder and acts as a go-to powder supplement to reinforce gluten-free lifestyles.

This powder can be consumed in multiple ways, including shakes, and can also be added to soups, oatmeal, salads, stews, as well as eggs. It is low in calories, fat, and cholesterol, hence is largely favored as a performance booster for better strength and resistance over other protein sources, subsequently complementing the egg protein powder industry expansion.

#2 Scope in the preparation of ice-creams

The globally rising consumption of ice-creams, while taking into account the escalating lactose intolerance tendencies and cow's milk allergies, has triggered the need for various milk alternatives, that can tap into dairy-free or vegan diets. In light of these factors, egg protein powders are increasingly incorporated into ice creams given their low-sugar benefits. In fact, egg yolks prolong the shelf life and improve the stability of the ice cream, while reducing its tendency to melt.

To cater to the expanding overweight, and obese population these days, several diverse formulations of egg white hydrolysate-based ice creams are being consistently developed and analyzed. The increasing interest in egg yolk powders to make smooth and creamy ice creams will play an ideal role in the industry development.

#3 Growing footprint in dietary supplements

Propelled by capabilities of increasing the resistance muscle strength mainly in athletes and sports enthusiasts, the egg protein powder market will largely grow through dietary supplements. This powder is a best available protein that promotes growth and recovery. It also contains very high levels of vitamins and minerals and is hence taken as a meal replacement. The rising number of research studies on egg white protein supplementation is another prominent factor favoring the product demand.

To sum up, the growing concerns regarding the consumption of overcooked or undercooked eggs has prompted the higher risks of egg-derived diseases, that further lead to food poisoning. Collective inclination towards gluten-free diets and the rapidly growing lactose intolerant population will also influence the egg protein powder industry expansion.

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