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Dr. Douglas Zaviezo, a successful career

Date of publication : 3/27/2017
Company : Special Nutrients Inc.
Source : Engormix.com
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April 2017. After many years of successful career, Dr. Douglas Zaviezo decided to retire and enjoy a well-deserved everlasting vacation; even though it is quite possible to find him still participating in some events or professional activities.

Dr. Zaviezo obtained his Ingeniero Agrónomo degree with minor in animal science from the Universidad de Concepción in Chile, under the guidance of Dr. Néstor Gonzalez. He started his professional work as extensionist, researcher and leader of the Poultry Production Program of the National Research Institute for Agriculture (INIA) in Chile. During the same period, he was professor of Poultry Production at the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso in Chile. Later he obtained his  Master of Science and Ph. D. in Nutrition with minor in poultry science and biochemistry at Washington State University under the assist of  Dr. James McGinnis.

After completing his master and doctorate degrees, Dr. Zaviezo joined the nutritional group of  Central Soya-Provimi, conducting research and formulating for the company’s broiler, layer and turkey integrations. Later, he was named Technical Director of Central Soya-Provimi in Brasil; in the Caribbean area, and then for all Latin America, with formulation and technical services responsibilities for premix, feed plants, and poultry operations.

When Archer Daniels Midland acquired Central Soya, Dr. Zaviezo was named ADM Technical Director for Latin America. Thereafter, he was part of the technical group of Novus International, with research and technical services responsibilities for Latin America; contributing with the implementation of nutritional decisions in the most important poultry integrations of the region. During the last 15 years, he has been an International Consultant and Technical Director for Special Nutrients, creating and developing the research and the nutritional technical services.

Through the years, Dr. Zaviezo acquired an extensive experience in research, teaching, and extension of applied poultry nutrition. He published more than 90 scientific or technical articles; he participated as a speaker in more than 100 international conferences and for 10 years (1991-2001), he was editor of the Journal of Applied Poultry Research. His most important nutritional areas of experience were: feed formulation using non-traditional ingredients; vitamins and trace minerals; proteins and amino acids; nutrition under heat stress; laying hen nutrition, interrelations between nutrition-additives-medications; and nutrition-molds-mycotoxins-mycotoxicosis.

File photo: Acknowledgment to Dr. Douglas Zaviezo for his valuable contribution to the Scientific Program at the XXIV Centroamerican and the Caribbean Poultry Congress 2016, Antigua, Guatemala.

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Edwin T Moran
Animal Nutritionist
Re: Dr. Douglas Zaviezo, a successful career
12/04/2017 | Doug-- Like Park my very best to you on a well known professional following. Can't let Park more than get an 80 on me. We share. Everything in the industry has changed which we still both closely follow. Ed Moran
Douglas Zaviezo
Florida, United States
Re: Dr. Douglas Zaviezo, a successful career
12/04/2017 | Thanks Park ... I'm still doing some consulting in Latin America; but it is the time to enjoy the grandchildren.
A R Hari Rao
Re: Dr. Douglas Zaviezo, a successful career
13/04/2017 | DR.DZ you are just 70 young and active take a leaf from Trump and his cabinet they are starting an active life at 70 and 70+
If Trump reads your remark he wil ask you to continue in SN for another 3 to 5 years.
In Delhi we have a Supreme Court lawyer -Ram Jethmalani 93 and still quite analytical and argue cases in the High Court and Supreme court but very high paid. The secret is as he says take every day at 8 PM one or two pegs of good single malt and solve problems
Re: Dr. Douglas Zaviezo, a successful career
13/04/2017 | Dear Douglas!
I'm glad I could meat you and have a great privilege to cooperate for some years. Great personal values can go along with high professional skills you present. I congratulate you outstanding achievements in your business career. I'm happy I could learn so much from you.
I wish you all the best, hopping we can meat some time anyway... Good luck!!

Stephen Adejoro Dr
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Re: Dr. Douglas Zaviezo, a successful career
13/04/2017 | I congratulate Douglas @70,years, but this age is the beginning of speaking wisdom
I congratulate Waldrop @80years with speaking wisdom,and I look forward to my beginning of speaking wisdom ,hoping to speak wisdom languages past the age of 90years,butI sincerely felicitate with Douglas for attachment of this minimal biblical age
Dr Stephen Adejoro
Danka Maslic-Strizak
Veterinary Doctor
Re: Dr. Douglas Zaviezo, a successful career
13/04/2017 | Happiness is when a man goes into well-deserved retirement, even more when he passed his knowledge to young people who will continue the work that you and a good teacher to call when they need it.
Enjoy long retired.
dr Danka Maslic
Douglas Zaviezo
Florida, United States
Re: Dr. Douglas Zaviezo, a successful career
17/04/2017 | Dear Witold,
It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with you. But, the best part was developing a friendship through so many rides, visit to beautiful places and enjoying life. Thanks for your patience and understanting. Many memories to remember.
Re: Dr. Douglas Zaviezo, a successful career
18/04/2017 | Dear Douglas,
I'm truly honored by your friendship. Still hoping we can meat again...
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