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Controlling Necrotic Enteritis with Polyphenols

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August 17, 2020
At Anthem, we have been evaluating efficacy of Polyphenols ( Green Tea extract and Resveratrol ) and for Lysozyme in specific towards Necrotic Enteritis control. We have been witnessing very effective results.

Polyphenols with string anti oxidant property are quite effective in controlling infections and building immunity.

infect combination of Polyphenol with Lysozyme / Serratiopeptidase has been super effective. Lysozyme breaks down the our cell wall of Clostridium effectively.

Very interesting learning.
August 18, 2020

Satish Sharma Thank you, Satish for your comment. Green tea, blueberry, grape, etc. polyphenols have lots of benefits for health. Polyphenols are very powerful molecules that were part of animal diets during millions of years and natural evolution forces were acting with the presence of these molecules.

Unfortunately, in the last centuries, we were progressively removing them from our diets and particularly during intensification of agriculture, without considering this fact of "evolution". Modern knowledge is pushing to recover their benefits but as you said, understanding how to use them and combine with other molecules is key to maximize benefits. Today we have accumulated a lot of data in scientific literature showing the future pathway to understand how to use the entire benefits of these natural and very variable phytochemicals.

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