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Chelated trace mineral for breeders - Dr. Bob Buresh

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kryukov kryukov
Doctor in Biological Sciences
February 22, 2020

Dear Bob!
From a scientific point of view, it is proven that organic compounds of trace elements are absorbed better than mineral ones. Further discussion of the benefits of organic trace elements is based on assumptions and speculation. The fate of absorbed organic compounds in the body has not been studied. If organic compounds are not digested in the intestine and are absorbed without changes, then after absorption in the body there are no enzymes that can break down organic compounds of minerals. Their positive influence in some cases is not accompanied by scientific evidence. The mechanism of their action is unknown.
An interesting phenomenon: a different effect on males and chickens, that is, there is a connection with sexual demorphism. Presumptive explanations are missing.
Not knowing the mechanism of transformations of organic compounds of minerals does not allow scientifically sound control of this process.

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