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Three Molding Technologies of Pelletizing Machine

Three Molding Technologies of Pelletizing Machine
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Zhengzhou, Colorado, United States

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According to the technological difference, molding technology of pellet machine has three types, respectively named as wet compression, hot compression and carbonizing compression. Wet compression means that raw materials are immersed in water for several days under normal temperature, then cracked and partly decomposed.

Under the high pressure, water content are suppressed out and biomass briquettes are compressed. Hot compression is the generally-used technology at present. The process of hot compression generally includes several parts like crushing, drying, mixing, suppressing, molding, cooling and packaging.

Since factors of raw material like kind, particle size and water content have certain influences to the whole molding process, the detailed working process of pelletizing machines is different, too. For the wood pellet mill of FTM China Machinery, it works in this way.

Carbonizing compression has two situations. One is that raw materials are suppressed by pelletizing machine into fuel rods. Then, the fuel rods are carbonized into wood carbon in furnace. The working process is crushing, drying, suppressing, carbonizing, cooling and packaging.

Since this working process do not combine the suppressing work and carbonizing work together, they are relatively independent. As to the second situation, it integrates the suppressing work and carbonizing work together and makes them run continuously. The second one can be realized by using the pellet machine in mode of piston stamping.

Pistons push the raw materials into the pyrolysis tube along with the compression sleeve. By the way of indirect heating, electric furnace offers the pyrolysis tube with heat. Raw materials are gradually carbonized in tube and here produces the finished products.

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