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The Details of Wheat Straw Pellet Mill

The Details of Wheat Straw Pellet Mill
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zhengzhou, Colorado, United States

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In the wide wheat cultivation areas, in order to deal with the wheat straw quickly, it basically goes through the incineration treatment, which not only pollutes natural air, but also wastes the valuable resources. In fact, the wheat straw can be made into pellet through the wheat straw pellet mill. The finished pellet is clean, which has high combustion value and no pollution. Wheat straw pellet mill takes wheat straw as the main raw materials, and the wheat straw will be pressed into cylindrical particles through the wheat straw pellet machine.

According to the different material quality, the pellets can be used as a biomass fuel for combustion in various fields. Use the biomass fuel to take place of coal can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce the atmospheric pollution caused by carbon hydride and hydroxide as well as reduce the occurrence of acid rain phenomenon.

The Features of Wheat Straw Pellet:

1. Clean and green energy: after testing, the sulfur content is 0.16%-0.22%, which is 1%-3% much lower than the sulfur content of coal. It is a kind of green energy, which enjoys the 'green coal' reputation;

2. Low cost, high added value: the ash after combustion is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and other elements, which is a good kind of inorganic fertilizer. Moreover, by processing of ash, the extracted nano silica has high additional value!

3. Calorific value is adjustable, burning period is controllable: by adjusting the coalification agent formula, the calorific value can be adjusted from 3500 to 8000 calories, burning time within 1 hour to 4 hours.

4. The density becomes larger and the transportation is convenient: pellet fuel is is made of straw as well as other agricultural and forestry processing waste under normal conditions, after forming, the particle density is about 10 times larger than the raw material, so it is very convenient for transport and storage.

Wheat Straw Pellet Mill Manufacturer:

The emergence of wheat straw pellet machine not only protects the environment, but also makes great contributions to the utilization and development of biomass energy. It is helpful to improve the energy structure, improve energy utilization efficiency and reduce the pressure of environment. Fote Machinery is one of the major wheat straw pellet machine manufacturers in China, which is the integration of research, development, manufacturing, installation and sales. We are equipped with advanced design, complete set of perfect production, processing, assembly and testing equipment, sophisticated technology team as well as the complete quality guarantee system to ensure the product processing and assembly precision, thus ensuring the product stability and reliability. Our products are throughout the country and exported to Europe, the United States and other international markets, which are well received by customers.


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