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Sawdust Dryer/Fote Pellet Dryer/ China Sawdust Dryer

Sawdust Dryer/Fote Pellet Dryer/ China Sawdust Dryer
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zhengzhou, Colorado, United States

Product Description


The sawdust dryer, refers to sawdust drying machine or sawdust rotary dryer, means to continuously feed wet sawdust powder into dry tubes with screw conveyor. Evaporate wet material moisture in the transmission and spread of high-speed hot air flow, getting dry powdered or granular product. Sawdust dryer is mainly composed of air heater, air feeder, air drying tube, cyclone separator, blower and other components.

Air-flowing type sawdust dryer machine is applied to charcoal briquettes fuel, straw and sawdust briquetting machinery, wood pellets fuels, agricultural engineering and other industries, such as the drying of maize stalk, soybean stalk, cotton straw, wheat straw, sorghum stalk, wood, wood shavings and sawdust, mulberry leaf and agricultural cellulosic materials.


Sawdust dryer structure includes heating furnace, and feeding mouth, rotating tube, filter tube, material transmission tube, cooling tube and discharge mouth. Sawdust can be full dried in rotating tube, and sawdust will be fully dispersed before going into material transmission tube, making water evaporation fast, and the block can block impurities in sawdust to guarantee the quality of sawdust in the material transmission tube. Wood chips entering the sawdust dryer, and the material boiling in the cylinder of sawdust dryer, hot air fully contact with the material to complete drying process.


1. High drying strength, as the material is highly dispersed in the air, total surface area of particle is effective area.

2. Short drying time.

3. Simple structure, covering a small area, easy to construct and maintain.

4. Large capacity, high thermal efficiency.

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