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poultry farming house design_shandong tobetter modern design

poultry farming house design_shandong tobetter modern design
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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Farmers are aware, in order to use poultry cages , build a reasonable poultry house is the most important , because a reasonable poultry house layout structure can provide a good living environment for the poultry to improve the quality of poultry Therefore in understanding the physiological characteristics of the poultry itself , it also must be reasonable planning and construction of the poultry house , now shandong tobetter on speaking about poultry farming house design is about priorities .
The poultry farming house design
1. To choose sites away from residential areas, convenient traffic , away from the road.
2. To high and dry and sunny . As possible without shading winter and summer do not block the wind , rain is not water. Larger , leaving room for development
3. The water-rich pollution-free, easy to access, adequate power guaranteed
4. premises structure practical, economic , not only saving money , but also save energy , toward compliance with local natural and physiological conditions , good lighting , ventilation easy , easy to operate , so the summer is conducive to heatstroke warm fall , winter is conducive to cold insulation.
5. Learn local poultry disease epidemic situation , try to avoid the affected areas or regions , there had been outbreaks
6. avoid polluted cities , to take appropriate environmental protection measures to minimize environmental pollution
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