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poultry equipment_shandong tobetter Professional production and sales

poultry equipment_shandong tobetter Professional production and sales
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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shandong tobetter located in the "Confucius and Mencius, ceremonies" Shandong Jining City, Our company specializes in the production of poultry equipment, shandong tobetter production of poultry equipment main products include: laying hens cages, brood cages, broiler cage, feeding machine and conservancy and other full set of modern equipment, the following shandong tobetter a brief introduction of these devices.
Caged hens: laying hens cages are more popular at home and abroad using a broiler in the form, the reason is because hens cage design provides a comfortable environment for the chickens, laying hens cages I produced using heat galvanizing process, chickens play a better role in the process of rearing, laying hens cage design the main advantages of network performance and kennel, cage feeding density front angle to get out of this more reflects the interests of several chickens.
Broiler cage: specifically for the production of broiler breeding cages child, in order to overcome the hard bottom of the cage and chest inflammation caused broilers, large good quality steel material made of broiler cage group, into the cage until the chicks from feeding slaughterhouse, no sub cage provincial catch chickens trouble, but also to avoid possible adverse reactions chicken.
Brooding cage: cage brood rearing chicks and is specifically designed to make cages, cage farming avoids the use of brooding chicks contact with feces, can effectively prevent the occurrence of disease, and small footprint, it can reduce the human and material resources.
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