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How to Deal with Useless Sawdust with Sawdust Pellet Mill?

How to Deal with Useless Sawdust with Sawdust Pellet Mill?
How to Deal with Useless Sawdust with Sawdust Pellet Mill?
How to Deal with Useless Sawdust with Sawdust Pellet Mill?
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zhengzhou, Colorado, United States

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Wood sawdust, the byproduct formed after wood is cut, ground, drilled or crushed, is the most common thing for furniture manufacturers or wood operators. Daily accumulated saw dust would take up a lot of space, and to burn them directly is not safe and sanitary, especially in the dry winter, since fires often occur. Using saw dust pellet mill to manufacture them into pellets will make all of the problems much simpler.

Value Comparison between Sawdust and Sawdust Pellet

The sawdust can serve as fuel for smoked food and adsorbent to remove oil and dirt, while the sawdust pellet can work as a green fuel by replacing coal, petroleum and natural gas and has made incomparable contribution to environment protection. It’s clear that the improved sawdust, namely the sawdust pellet, owns greater value. Therefore, to adopt the sawdust pellet machine or sawdust pellet production line will be an imperative tendency.

dvantages of Fote Sawdust Pellet Production Line

1. Fote sawdust pellet machines have got the ISO9001:2000 international certification of quality system, so they are all high quality and reliable products with high productivity and complete types.

2. The sawdust pellet mill, as the core equipment in the production line, owns a vertical ring die which realizes vertical feeding with no bulging and high heat dissipation efficiency. The static pelletizing mold with rotating press rolls can centrifuge materials to scatter around the equipment interior. The independent lubricating and high pressure filtering systems realize the smooth cleaning purpose. Its independent frequency conversion appliance guarantees the briquetting ratio of the sawdust.

3. Since Fote was founded in 1982, the company with a long development history has owned a special research team to create advanced pellet mills and pellet production line. Our products have won much praise from customers all over the world like Africa, North America and South America etc.


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