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cumberland poultry equipment_shandong tobetter is the very good

cumberland poultry equipment_shandong tobetter is the very good
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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As the economy continues to develop , most people chose to be poultry , cumberland poultry equipment for most farmers who are pro-gaze product , its price is high, long service life , shandong tobetter products and cumberland poultry equipment can be described as significant, Here are some of our products.
Caged hens : laying hens into cages stacked and stepped , laying hens cages network equipment using hot dip galvanizing process , corrosion-resistant , anti-aging life of up to 15 to 20 years . , Steel smooth surface, can effectively prevent the chickens foot injury , improve the survival rate of chickens , and easy to assemble , easy feeding easy to manage , it is equivalent to rearing cage net saving a lot of space , reduce labor costs, feeding, feed , water , conservancy , environmental fully automated control , greatly reducing the labor intensity , saving labor costs, farmers who are now popular choice.
Feeder : feeder on the usefulness , of course, is to give the birds feeding , feeding machine specifically for the type of device on the cage material can be fed three to five layers of cages , feeding machine has a unique structure, novel practical , time-saving, uniform feeding , less wear and tear , the use of battery-powered , motor driven , low noise, easy to operate, flexible steering , turn around small space , easy maintenance, etc. , so popular with farmers alike.
Conservancy machine : Automatic manure removal machine is a multi-pole power through the use of rotation , to repeatedly clear the purpose of farm manure cleaning equipment . Widely used in poultry and livestock manure cage cleared , enabling unmanned management , automatic timing Conservancy , arbitrarily set time , moving temporary Conservancy , the operation simple and quick , automatic and manual any conversion ;
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