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Chlorine dioxide tablet.

Chlorine dioxide tablet.
Chlorine dioxide tablet.
Chlorine dioxide tablet.
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Pune, Maharashtra, India

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We are a ISO 9001 -2015 certified manufacturers of Chlorine dioxide tablets & powders. The goods are produced as per CGMP standards.
We have been using ClO2 - Powders & Tablets in Aquaculture in all the biosecurity measures & disinfection applications.
During Pond preparation - As a substitute to Chlorine.
During culture - 15 -120 days - In shrimps - For disease prevention. In presence of Shrimps or fishes.

Hacthery side -
For biosecurity measures. As a primary disinfectant instead of chlorine.

Currently over 5000 Acres of ponds are being treated with our products across 4 states in India.

You can refer our website - wwwsvsaquacom for reference.

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