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chicken pens for sale_shnadong tobetter Prestigious

chicken pens for sale_shnadong tobetter Prestigious
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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In the previous poultry farming, farmers have chosen to carry out scattered chicken, so chicken pens for sale volume has increased, but the time has long been found in farmers pens for sale is not desirable, the management is more fragmented, so now Farmers have chosen to cage, the following describes the advantages of captive.
1, conservation: land, labor, energy (water, electricity, coal), make full use of three-dimensional space.
2, standardization: fully automated chicken equipment, scientific feeding management process; comfortable environment, adequate level, the water level is reasonable, suitable density, superior growth environment to improve the survival rate of the chickens, morbidity, residual rate decreased, Animal welfare.
3, large-scale: the raising of each farm in the 20-40 million chickens, feeding density is 6 per cubic meter, each house breeding 40,000 chickens. Management of fodder pay increased, even better. Timely detection of sick chicken, to facilitate timely elimination, significantly reduced the incidence of flocks.
4, environmental safety: automatic conveyor system to make manure do not fall to the ground, can be easily used to do other animal fecal protein feed. Clean up chicken manure in a timely manner, chicken manure dry, away from the fermentation, put an end to the ammonia flavor.
5, food safety: standardized three-dimensional culture is conducive to disease control, eliminate drug residues. Large-scale production is conducive to traceability at the source to ensure food safety.
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