Pancosma confirms its leading position in the use of bioactives compounds

Date of publication : 8/7/2018
Source : Pancosma


Over the last years the Swiss Feed Additives manufacturer Pancosma has constantly invested into natural solutions aiming at supporting aquaculture efficiency and sustainability. In a global context of expansion, both fish farming and shrimp productions are facing new challenges among which animal health and immunity support have become of major interests. Bioactives compounds are at the forefront of the different tested strategies!

Pancosma latest XTRACT® innovation consists in a microencapsulated additive based on an active ingredient inspired from nature: garlic. Garlic has been used for ages in shrimp production but what makes Pancosma active stands apart is the fact that the product is stabilized and standardized, unlike the typical allicin based-additive traditionally found on the worldwide market.

Pancosma new product has confirmed its efficacy to support shrimp performance when infected with White Feces Disease (WFD). This multifactorial disease, known to severely affect shrimp intestinal epithelium and digestive organs, creates substantial decrease in growth rate (BWG), feed intake and an increase in Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). In a recent trial performed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, shrimps infected and receiving feed supplemented with XTRACT® showed a significant reduction of the disease signs. Improvements in performance (BWG & FCR) and higher survival rate (+ 10%) testified that XTRACT® has a protective effect against this infection. With this new experience, Pancosma cements its position of worldwide leader in the use of bioactives compounds.


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