Lallemand Animal Nutrition confirms its presence in Asia

Date of publication : 4/11/2008
Source : Lallemand Animal Nutrition
“Lallemand’s products, with their track-record of scientific and field evidences are well adapted to answer the needs of today’s animal producer in Asia...”

Over the past few weeks, Lallemand Animal Nutrition has strengthened its visibility in Asia with its participation to Dairy Focus Asia 2008, Asia’s independent technical conference for progressive dairy farmers, nutritionists and veterinarians, that took place in Bangkok, Thailand, as well as products advert campaigns in leading professional journals. To answer the rapidly growing consumer needs and important government pressures in major Asian markets, animal production methods are quickly evolving in China, India, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam… The main objectives of today’s farmers are performance, quality, and safety (pathogen control). In this context, Lallemand Animal Nutrition proven solutions (probiotics, microbiological silage inoculants, highly bioavailable Selenium yeast, prebiotic fibers) are particularly well adapted to the market’s expectations, which drives the company’s development in Asia.

Bruno Rochet, in charge of the Asian market for Lallemand Animal Nutrition, who was invited to speak at Dairy Focus Asia 2008, focused his intervention on the use of ruminant specific live yeast and selenium enriched yeast to manage heat stress in dairy cows and limit its impact on dairy production and cows health (control of sub-acute acidosis and reproductive health), a very common issue in areas of hot and humid climates.

Bruno Rochet comments: "Following recent changes in consumers habits, dairy production has now became a priority in countries were milk consumption was traditionally scarce. Today’s dairy farms turn towards technicality while under pressure from their governments and the industry to maximize both milk yield and quality. Our natural zootechnical feed additives and silage inoculants, supported by sound scientific and field-based evidences of their efficacy and modes of action in dairy cows have been particularly well-received in Bangkok as they can participate in meeting these production objectives."

A participant from Taiwan, Peter Wang (ASPI), added: "In the actual animal production market, producers need to implement safe, natural and environment-friendly production methods which ensure optimal productivity, and solutions such as antibiotic growth promoters are no more acceptable in Asia. In this context, Lallemand’s products, with their track-record of scientific and field evidences are well adapted to answer the needs of today’s animal producer in Asia."

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is present in Asia via its Chinese representative office, in Beijing, as well as through a growing network of well-established local distributors: Nuevotec in Thailand, Asia Stockwell Products Inc. (ASPI) in Taiwan, Agritech in Malaysia, B.V. feed supplements manufacturing co. ltd in India, and Nosan for probiotic yeast and Miwa for Selenium enriched yeast in Japan.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition range of microbial-based products includes:

A ruminant specific probiotic yeast , Saccharomyces cerevisiae I-1077 (Levucell® SC), proven to improve milk yield and quality and help maintaining animal health and well-being (sub-acidosis prevention),

A range of forage specific silage inoculants (Lalsil®), adapted to the specific fermentation and preservation issues of various types of forages,

Monogastric probiotic yeast S. cerevisiae boulardii, well-known for its benefits on swine and poultry health and performances,

Lactic acid producing bacteria Pediococcus acidilactici 18/5M (Bactocell®), recognised for its ability to strengthen the gut microflora of monogastric species, with a positive impact on pathogens control and feed digestibility. Bactocell increases feed conversion rates and improves zootechnical performance and resistance against pathogens in pigs, poultry (broilers and laying hens), shrimps and other aquatic species (salmonids, red tilapia, Japanese eels).

Selenium-enriched yeast Alkosel®R397, a source of Highly bioavailable selenium for all animal species.

A range of yeast cell wall extracts: prebiotic fibers Agrimos® and Fibosel®.

The first version of the Lallemand Animal Nutrition website in Chinese language is now on-line and will be updated regularly.

About Lallemand

Lallemand, Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company specialized in yeast, bacteria and yeast derivatives, for animal nutrition, baking, winemaking and pharmaceutical industries. Lallemand is the only major supplier of yeast and bacteria that is a primary producer of both.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is dedicated to the development, production, and marketing of profitable, natural and differentiated solutions for animal nutrition and health. Our core products are live bacteria for probiotics and silage inoculants, specific yeast for probiotics, and high value yeast derivatives.

Lallemand is a major supplier of probiotics and silage inoculants in Europe, North America and Africa. We also have a growing presence in Asia and South America.
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