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soybean processing plants

soybean processing plants - Various
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Win Tone
China Wintone Machinery
Date: November 19, 2014

soybean processing plants

Discussion created on 11/19/2014
Soybean processing plants adopts excellent automatic solutions and can reduce labor cost and production cost. Meanwhile, it can reduce the influence from impurities, dust and bran. Bean peeling, kernel making, and grits and flour milling line can process soybean, broad bean, lentil, cowpea, mung bean, black soya bean, kidney bean and other beans.

SOYBEAN PROCESSING PLANTS can produce polished and graded beans, peeled and graded bean kernels, graded bean grits and graded bean flour. It is widely used in food and grain processing enterprises. And the core equipments have obtained the national patents.

According to the structure of various beans and the features of bean endosperm and its skin, we designed this bean processing plant. Soybean processing plants realizes the value of bean processing from bean cleaning, bean color sorting, bean peeling, bean kernels making and bean flour milling.

End products of soybean processing plants:
1.Range of application:soybean, broad bean, lentil, cowpea, mung bean, black soya bean, kidney and other beans processing.
2. Structure of the end products: fine beans, bean kernels, bean grits, bean flour.
3. Yield rate: it can be adjustable according to your requirement.
4.Technical index of the end products:
A. Sand content:<0.02%
B. Magnetic metal content: <0.003/kg
C. Moisture:storage type <16%
D. Appearance and taste: good color, high peeling efficiency, bright and smooth bean kernels, pure bean taste.
Win Tone
Industrial Engineer
China Wintone Machinery
China Wintone Machinery
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