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Željko Serdar
Date: January 10, 2015

#Spirulina is full of nutrients and very easily digested. Commercially, Spirulina is available as a powder, tablet and capsule or added to foods and health tonics. There are many forms of valuable algae and in the last 40 years Spirulina has been singled out for its nutritional properties. Long before it became a favorite of the health food industry, Spirulina was eaten regularly by North Africans and Mexicans centuries ago. Now many people around the globe realize that Spirulina is a powerful food with hug

Željko Serdar Željko Serdar
June 22, 2017
Vrijedi ponoviti. #CCRES #SPIRULINA is simply the world’s most digestible natural source of high quality protein, far surpassing the protein bio availability of even beef ( which most people consider to be th e #1 source of #protein ). The digestive absorption o f each gram of protein in spirulina is four times greater than the same gram of protein in beef. And since spirulina already contains three times more protein ( by weight ) to begin with, the net result is that , ounce for ounce, spirulina offers twelve times more digestible protein than beef.
That’s an astounding difference. Zeljko Serdar, CCRES
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