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Research evaluates gut integrity under immunity parameters

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Carlos Debortoli Carlos Debortoli
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
September 18, 2018
As a suggestion very interesting associate the soy bean quality in experiments when we are talking about GIT healthy. Ideal solubility can change the experiment results.
Ahmed Hamouda Ahmed Hamouda
September 19, 2018

Is the gut integrity related to immune status or does it depend on the pathogenic load of the environment or the colonization of some pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal mucosa?

Liliana Longo Borges Liliana Longo Borges
ICC Brazil ICC Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
September 23, 2018

Mr. Ahmed Hamoud,
Firstly, thanks for your interesting and question.

All these factors you cited are correlated. When we have an increase of the pathogenic bacterial population in the intestine and the immune system is not working very well to eliminate them, the intestinal structures will be impaired and can occur rupture of tight junctions and cell death. In this way, there will be increased intestinal permeability, i.e., toxins, pathogenic bacteria, etc will pass easily from the intestinal lumen to the bloodstream. When we have an immune system on alert, which is what ImmunoWall provides, the pathogenic bacteria will be eliminated, and consequently, intestinal integrity is guaranteed.

Mustafa Ayazi Mustafa Ayazi
Poultry Science
September 24, 2018
Genetics and the environment: Two factors have a significant effect on the development of broiler chicks.
Genetics: Breeding breeding in poultry can be effective by using resistant and powerful breeds against diseases and environmental conditions such as heat and cold.
Environment and Management: The proper temperature and nutrient control environment and the use of plant additives for resistance and increased immune system power are very important in poultry management.
Management: Even choosing a place to build a poultry is a very important factor, which unfortunately is not very noticeable in the world, most of the areas for construction are chosen. In addition to the disease, they are viral diseases. In a closed environment. Control of Alien Birds, Banana Animals Transmitting Viral Disease
And most importantly, chicks in the chapters that are the culmination of the disease.
The most important management factors that may turn into government policies and intervene.
ICC Brazil ICC Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
September 26, 2018
Mustafa Ayazi, thank you very much for your comments.
September 25, 2018

It is very interesting topic and approach. How can I reach the study that you mentioned at the beginning of your presentation?
I also agree with Carlos in terms of feed ingredients.

ICC Brazil ICC Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
September 26, 2018
Remzi Alihafizoglu, thank you for your interest. We are in a process to publish the complete paper, however, I can share with you the abstract that we presented at Poultry Science Annual Meeting (held in San Antonio, TX) in July. Can you send me your email address?

Kind regards

September 26, 2018

thank you
best regards,
September 26, 2018

Thanks, Melina, excellent speech! 100% agree. May be also a reason to remember trials with Salmonella and feed enzyme Avizyme, resulting in bad conditions for Salmonella in the gut and resistance to low titres of Salmonella in broilers.

October 4, 2018

Which type of mycotoxin binder It effected in don. How is activated to enzyme?

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