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PIGIZEL-T Piglet drying powder for thermoregulation



At birth, piglets of modern pig species and hybrids have very poorly built thermoregulatory system, rapidly lose their body heat, which makes them dependant from drying and heating of litter. By applying this preparation, they lose less heat from the start, and keep their energy for their necessary growth. When piglets are dry, they do not lose heat, they do not quiver and they are more vital, which results in reduced losses due to mortality and stuntedness. At the same time, by gentle rubbing of their skin, we improve their blood circulation and speed up their metabolism making them more strong and vital.

PIGIZEL-T concurrently collects excessive amount of harmful ammonium from the litter, preventing its breathing in and eventually harmful effects. The specific scent gives particular distinctive feature to the litter which is important later, when piglets are separated from their mother and adjusted to new environment, which is aimed at avoiding stress.

Application effects:

  • Minimal loss of body heat
  • More strong and vital piglets are capable of suckling higher quantity of colostrum which provides them with basic nutritional substances and anti bodies essential at the beginning of their lives
  • Better weight gain from the beginning
  • Better initial weight of litter
  • Reduced number of stunted piglets
  • Reduced mortality among piglets


Prepare shallow pot shaped as small tub (wash-basin) and pour 2-3 kg of Pigizel – T agent. Place the newly born piglets (after cleaned the mucus from their snouts) in the tub, one at a time and gently sprinkle and rub the agent over piglets, making sure to avoid their eyes and nose. After that, take them out of the tub and leave them close to their mother''''s tit so that they could start suckling as soon as possible. The excessive powder from the tub should be sprinkled over the litter floor, in order to dry it and bind the ammonium. We recommend sprinkling of litter for another 7 days, to ensure further binding of ammonium from air and the soothing effect of Pigizel-a T on piglets. When weaning the piglets, the scent of the agent will alleviate the stress of piglets due to separation from their mother.

NOTE: We recommend that after the first suckling of colostrum, you give Minazel S. suspension to the piglets.


Specially processed natural mineral adjusted to pigbreeding needs.