Experts gathered in Africa to make food and feed free of aflatoxins

Published on: 07/21/2016
Source : www.iita.org

   A team of scientists from 13 African nations and beyond have gathered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, this week to advance efforts to improve the health of Africans by reducing exposure to aflatoxins. The participants of this Second Aflatoxin Biocontrol Workers’ Network Workshop are focusing on progress made in rolling out Aflasafe, an effective and safe biological control product...

Re: Experts gathered in Africa to make food and feed free of aflatoxins
21/07/2016 | Aflatoxin / mycotoxin is actually a major concern to consumers, producers and processors of livestock products and feeds in recent times since livestock feeding have undergone major changes-from natural feeding to use of industrial or processed feeds.If feeds are contaminated at this level then there's major drawback in mycotoxin control.As indicated by various research findings contamination can also occur at farm level even on standing pastures (Blood , et al., 1999) , hence biological control and prevention of mycotoxins / aflatoxin is quite acceptable. Chicken products (eggs and meat) should also be considered-this is because diet trends indicate that people prefer eating chicken meat(white meat) to beef(red meat).
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Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by filamentous fungi that cause a
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