Enrique Diaz
Animal Science Degree - Animal Production Engineer
Consulting on the following areas: - Oilseed Extraction (Mechanical or via Hexane) - Animal Feed Mills (Pelleted and Extruded Feeds) - Steam Flaking Grains - Rendering
Animal Science Degree - Animal Production Engineer
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Grande Fernando....Congrats for those 30 years in the industry! Saludos. ED
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I think this test was conducted by roasting the soybeans on a Calormatic unit! To make by-pass protein from soybeans some people heat the beans in excess of 350F for 45-60 minutes at least in order to produce this kind of product, however, the crude oil facing high temperatures and being exposed for long periods of time will be damaged. Nowadays, some processors extract the crude oil first from th ...
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DL-Methionine and L-Lysine are synthetic aminoacids that are extensively used on the formulation for poultry and swine feeds. The presence of these aminoacids on vegetable meals or animal meals (such as soybean meal and meat & bone meal respectively) is limited and has to be complemented additionally in order to make the formula feasible and to cover all the requirement for the animal. Synthetic ...
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Romulo; I want to assume that you are talking about broiler feeds which includes pre-starter, starter and finisher. Broiler feed has been produced for several years by using pellet mills, the "mash" texture is not an option for broilers. In contrast, for several years layers feed has been produced in mash texture. The mix of ingredients coming out the mixer has to enter the conditioner to pre-dig ...
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Hello Bashir; During the operation of an expander or extruder there are involved several factors that we keep to maintain under control in order to achieve an excellent finished product quality, most of the people pay too much attention on steam conditioning (quantity and quality of steam); temperature, moisture, retention time, etc; but one of the keys to accomplish a good hydro stability on fish ...
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Extrusion has been used to prepare animal feeds for many years and has proved to be an effective means to cook and shape raw ingredients into very specialized products, especially in the highly competitive pet food market where size, shape, mouth feel and degree of cook are important factors in the success of the product. During the past 25 years the commercial raising of fish for human food consu ...
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Micro-Ingredients Weighing and Dosing System
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Mohamed; Despite the extrusion process to produce dry pet food could be the same in principle there are several parameters that needs to be achieved in order to accomplish a good quality on the final product. Depending on the extruder/expander or drying system the following parameters could be followed: * Post grinding of the mash @ 220-240 microns prior the conditioner. * Extrusion temperature c ...
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The use of Expanders on Solvent Extraction Plants has been implemented for several years with a high degree of success. Properly cooked and flaked oilseeds are feed into the Expander in presence of controlled temperature, moisture and residence time in order to produce collets, increasing porosity of the surface which improves the solvent (hexane) percolation into the extractor and subsequently th ...
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Gentlemen; With a lot of appreciation I can see how well known manufacturers such as Anderson International (represent by us R&D Equipment), Buhler, Insta-Pro, Andritz, Wenger and others participate on this kind of discussions, this is the type of feedback and information we need to create and share on this Community; with surprise I can see how the Spanish Community can have 200+ participations ...
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