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  At Pancosma, the Switzerland-based global leader in feed  additives, we believe in our vision of a healthy, well-fed world,  made possible by turning basic research into profitable solutions.  We are passionate about our mission to develop innovative feed &n...
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super!value added to xtract6930 user in broiler.
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Great result! I hope it works in practical application!
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what's the ingredients inside?how about the cost inclusion in feed?
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Great company with deep research! It's the future for animal nutrition industry.
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Even more if you consider the AGP will be banned in some countries for feed industry, such as USA,China etc., so it's huge cake for coming years, but it takes more time to educate nutritionists for application in feed.
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it's really an essential taste enhanser. we have achieved the market leader in China after a few years development with so many competitors' commodity sweetener in the market,it's evidence for Sucram as essential and unique taste enhanser. you will not be disappointed at sucram if you test it in piglets as well as growing and finishing pigs, the pig will tell you the positive result instead of bei ...
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it's really new for animal nutrition industry with phytonutrients, I think this will create new nutrition tool for nutritionist in feed industry, it will bring numerous value soon. Best regards Forest
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Dear Dr.Cor J.M.Arts, I fully agree with you!!!that's the reason why I think we should select the products with more science evidence in research by publications in peer magazines, such as the magazine like "Nature","animal science" the simple blending products with silica or other carriers will be the big problem in product stability. Best Regards Forest
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I fully agree with Teresa, plant extracts can replace AGP if you have better farm management, but the major problem is the stability of plant extract and ingredient variability each batch, so you have to select the products with science publications in peer magazine and pure molecules ingredients instead of plant grinding, meanwhile, the production technology for ingredients protection is another ...
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