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Heat stress are climate conditions where cows are not able to dissipate the heat they generate in their metabolism. Under these conditions cows will drop feed consumption and performance , including milk production and fertility. If you don't have this in your farm then you are lucky !
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It is interesting about the cooling system. I have been thinking it is natural especially in cold places. One does not require extra effort to cool the cows. Perhaps we need to be very clear what are the causes of this heat stress? Is it poor feeding or overfeeding? Otherwise it is a very big challenge for dairy farmers.
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answers to the questions are convincing and logical
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A thought provoking research setting a venue for further research in future.
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Must remember that MASTITIS is the only disease in the world which is thirst on animals by negligence of the owner
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Under field conditions there is no pure infection with single type of bacteria. Usually mixed infections are present . These facts must be borne in mind before treatment. To treat a case of bovine mastitis , many drugs are required and applied with different routes of administration . Excellent Knowledge of bovine mastitis requires many years of hard work because there is great diff ...
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Bovine Mastitis is a simple disease when the veterinarians know the cause. Treatment of this disease requires a will prepared pharmacological program because milk is an excellent medium for bacterial growth Bovine Mastitis is induced by 42 causes under field conditions and each cause requires a special treatment. There are no researches which demonstrate these causes and / or details of che ...
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Our studies in Ghana showed that poor fertility in cows during the hot dry seasons was due to long postpartum anoestrous caused by poor nutrition of grazing cows. Supplementation with appropriate concentrates after calving broke the anoestrous and made it possible for cows to conceive within 90 days after calving.
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A good effort in explaining the complex issue in an easy way.
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Lameness issue is mostly seen in high yielding animals who are given highly concentrated feed to get maximum yield as per potential known. This phenomenon is not seen in local breeds which are low yielder and not given such rich feed. The article written proves very understandable mechanism of lameness in milch animals.
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