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Thank you for your question Dr Jignesh Barot. According to what we have observed, as the virus distances itself in relation to its ancestor, due to the antigenic changes that it suffers, the recognition of the standard antisera towards the virus is no longer effective and the test gives us false Negative results. Hence the importance of updating the antisera.
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Thank you, your comments encourage us to follow our line of research.
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Thank you for your congratulations. Your question is very good! Dr. Jignesh Barot When the AI virus is antigenically disassociated even though it is the same subtype, the standard antisera no longer adequately recognize the virus that presents antigenic variation and that causes the difference reported with the HI technique.
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In relation to the comment made on the presence of AI in South America, the information given by the Brazilian authorities in a presentation that I had in that country, was that the migratory routes of the Anatides did not reach so far south of the continent.
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Good morning Dr, I appreciate your comments. At the moment we are developing the project to analyze the viruses that have been reported to the OIE and whose sequence is available in the information banks. The results could give us a lot of information regarding what is happening.
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  Background Avian Influenza (AI) virus belongs to the Orthomyxoviridae family, Influenzavirus A genus. This virus possesses eight segments of single-stranded RNA genome. Two of these segments encode for two important membrane glycoproteins, hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA) [1], that play a key role during cellular infection. These two proteins are used for virus subtype classifica ...
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My congratulations for such an excellent review. It was time for someone to take the lead and address this important issue today.
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The A (H1N1) pdm09 influenza pandemic and, most recently, the A(H3N2) variant outbreak in several areas of the USA are examples of swine influenza viruses infecting humans. These cases highlight the need for reliable and rapid diagnostic tests to elucidate the epidemiology and evolution of swine influenza viruses (Smith and others 2009, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2012a, b, c). Curr ...
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