Israel Flamenbaum
PhD (Animal Science)
consult dairy farms in properly manage and cool dairy cows in hot regions, as well as provide them with recommendations for the best use of cooling solutions.
PhD (Animal Science)
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Thank you Mr. Jagdish for your blessingsYes, it is possible to mitigate heat stress effectively in all climate conditions. Some other limitations are needed to be treated (not related to heat stress), such as veterinary issues, in order to reach HF potential in such climates. Wish you success with your HF cows in India.
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Dear Mr. Cedden, I totally agree with you when it comes to tropical conditions with restricted possibilities to control deseases. My article is refered more to intensified farms with Europeran breeds located in warm regions, as for example my country Israel and your country Turkey are.
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Dear Tamas,feeding manipulation in summer diets, mainly reducing fiber, adding fats and increase energy and protein concentration have limited potential to improve cows performance in heat stress conditions. the most can be reached by intensive cooling the cows in this period.
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Clement,In Thailand condition I do recommend the direct cooling which combines wetting and forced ventilation. Anyhow, there is need to know specific farm conditions to give the exact recommendation about the time of cooling needed.
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Dear Clement,Your proposal is limited to dry climates and close buildings. Unfortunately, most of the dairy farms in warm climates are located in humid areas and use open shelters, so, only direct cooling the cows by wetting and forced ventilation will be a good solution.
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Heat stress are climate conditions where cows are not able to dissipate the heat they generate in their metabolism. Under these conditions cows will drop feed consumption and performance , including milk production and fertility. If you don't have this in your farm then you are lucky !
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Article published the 16 from February from 2017
  Q: What are the main consequences of heat stress? A: Regarding milk production, there are different factors, not just volume, but also fat content and protein in the milk and quality of the milk; that means, the somatic cell count that increases when the cow is in that condition of stress.   It also affects fertility, and the effect is an increase of the days open above what is rec ...
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Hello Philip You are right in your observation and it will be better use crossing in case you can't provide cows with good feeding , housing, veterinary care and effective cooling. Anyhow, my experience in these same tropical regions is that, once you manage giving all these factors, then HF is able to manifest its potential and be superior over other breeds or crosses.
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Dear Rajesh, I have very poor knowledge on cold stress. Hopefully, one of the members can answer your question
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Fat (by pass usually) can be a good mean to supply the cow with more energy when suffering from heat stress. If cow is properly cooled, then the amount of fat in the diet can be reduced significantly, to the level provided in cooler days
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Dr. Flamenbaum started working with dairy cows in the late sixties, as an herd man and then, in charge of the 150 dairy cows herd in Kibbutz Misgav Am, in the north of Israel. Then he joined the State of Israel, Ministry of agriculture, Extension services in 1977.Since 1977 until 2008 - Serving in different positions, starting as a dairy cattle regional extension officer, head of cattle department and lately, as the director of the division of Animal Husbandry.In April 2008, he retired and dedicated professional activity time as private consultant in Israel and worldwide.
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