Nabil Said will explain extrusion in detail at Texas A&M

Published on: 07/11/2016
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Extrusion will be a central theme from August 21st to 26th at Rudder Tower in the Texas A & M University Campus, where Dr. Nabil Said is set to appear to explain this important process and help train those who attend the 23rd Annual Practical Short Course on Aquaculture Feed Extrusion, Nutrition, & Feed Management. Said is the Vice President of Nutrition & Extrusion Technologies at In...

Re: Nabil Said will explain extrusion in detail at Texas A&M
11/07/2016 | in our factory we face a problem with a pellet hardness, the produced pellet is so hard and the moisture content in the final product is too low (6.5%), resulted in low consumption of the feed in broiler and fish farms . how we can solve this problem , please?
Nabil W. Said
record_voice_overNabil W. Said
Vice President
Re: Nabil Said will explain extrusion in detail at Texas A&M
11/07/2016 | Dear Kamaran:
I need to know whether you are extruding the feed or using a pellet mill. Normally, the equipment manufacturer will train the people and trouble shoot the problems but in general, having low moisture in the pellet is an indication of low moisture/steam in the formula during conditioning. Formulation also can effect the hardness of the pellets including the level of oil or fat in the formula, the processing temperature of the extruder or the pellet mill, amount of fiber in the formula and if a dryer is involved in the process it also can have an effect.
I would advise that you communicate with the manufacturer of your equipment about the optimization of the process after sharing with him/her your formula and the pellet size.
Nabil Said
Re: Nabil Said will explain extrusion in detail at Texas A&M
18/11/2016 | Dear Mr.Nabil

We are producing fish feed on twin srew extruder (floating pallets)but now i haw problem we need sinking pallets but i just can't make them :( .We have 50 :50 sinking pro-cent but we need 100 % .
It is for our own use for carp feeding .On extruder i go with low temperature 110(2 heating zone)130 (3 heating zone) and fast speed of the screws Is it OK to put corn starch in the formulation to have hardness of mass or what .

Please help on these

Thanks in advance on your help
Re: Nabil Said will explain extrusion in detail at Texas A&M
03/04/2017 |

I am looking for a reliable extruder, 1 ton and less expensive.

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