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Use of Salcochek Pro® among swine herds in Vietnam

Topic: Swine Health
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Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dr. Nguyen Van My, Commercial and Technical Director for AVAC -an Ayurvet distributor in Vietnam-, testified about the positive effects induced by the use of Salcochek Pro® among swine herds in Vietnam, during VIV Asia 2017, in Thailand.

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SALCOCHEK is enriched with scientifically prepared polyherbal formulation made from pre- standardized herbs. Its constituent herbs adsorb & inactivate enterotoxins, hence control damage of GI mucosa. Its herbal ingredients impart hepatoprotective, gastro protective, antibacterial & antiviral activity.


  • Optimizes intestinal peristalsis & increases the transit time of ingesta in gut leading to better absorption of nutrients
  • Optimizes intestinal fluid release & controls dehydration
  • Adsorbs & inactivates enterotoxin & controls damage of GI mucosa
  • Capture bacteria irreversibly to check infection


  • For healthy gut functions & prevention of loose pings: 0.5 kg per tonne of feed
  • For treatment of disturbed gut functions & loose ping: 1-2 kg per tonne of feed.


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15 kg Bag